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Leadership Circles for Women and Non-Binary Leaders of Color

Andruni Circles

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Andruni Circles is a new initiative to support women of color on their journey in professional leadership. We use peer-learning, evidence-based approaches in a group coaching format to support women leaders of color in identifying their authentic leadership styles - that do not mimic the "traditional" leadership models that were created by and for white men - and apply those skills in the workplace. ​ We ask anyone who is joining us to be come prepared to be uncomfortable, to listen, learn and share, and to be courageous and respectful with ourselves and to each other.

Fists in Solidarity

Liberatory Aid:

Power Shifting Paradigms

Explore overlaps and divergences between concepts like localization, decolonization, justice and equity and how it relates to programs

Presented in Partnership with the Posner Center
Justice Scale

Liberatory Aid:

Justice By Any Other Name

How do we talk about DEI and related issues in global contexts? How do we avoid being US-centric in our DEI work?

Presented in Partnership with the Posner Center

Liberatory Aid

Intensive Workshop

Early Registration Discount Available
Presented in Partnership with Cynara Gender Training Platform

Feedback from Partners

Farah's Decolonizing Development workshop pushes you to think beyond the basics. She leans into the nuances and difficult-to-digest aspects of what it means to decolonize and the type of unlearning it takes, beyond what might be obvious. In her workshop, Farah shares a lot of theoretical knowledge as well as how they apply more practically to our work. As a comms professional, I found the learnings from her workshop extremely helpful and necessary. I would recommend it to anyone in the development sector as well as donors and philanthropists — but especially to folks in communications, fundraising, operations, advocacy and programmatic teams. -Bhumika Regmi, Malala Fund

Farah is unique in that she has both the ability to master intricate technical details as well as the ability to forge a creative, strategic vision for a team. She expertly led a team of direct and indirect reports at Chemonics through a critical leadership transition and performed duties--big and small--that were originally neither well described nor specifically assigned to her. She quickly displayed an expert ability to solve a diverse array of complex problems as well as manage the softer side of leading a large team. Farah was not only a joy to work with but also an excellent role model and a positive force for our broader team. A healthy combination of strategic acumen and leadership will make Farah valuable no matter where she goes in the future. -Michael Schoengold



Co-Rambler, Co-Explorer and Sometimes Consultant

How do we do a better (and also faster, because we don’t have unlimited time) job of changing the world? That’s the one central question that has been the propellant behind my career. I want to be part of the global movement that imagines - and builds! - a free, liberatory, fair world. I have rambled, meandered and explored my way to this point. I have worked in journalism, in advocacy/lobbying, to support power building and social justice organizations, for large global for-profits, and for start-up ed/tech nonprofits, learning something valuable from each experience. Today, I work as a “consultant” supporting both large and small organizations striving for greater, bolder, fairer change. I partner and collaborate with organizations to explore their strategies, their organizations and people, and their programs through advising / consulting and leading transformational workshops.

E-mail me at fnmadvising [@]
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