Diversity, equity and inclusion is a growing field and like any other field, there are multiple ways to practice this discipline. I take three critical approaches in my work:

  • Decolonizing. As Dr. Rosales Meza eloquently stated, "Decolonizing does not mean the same thing as diversity and inclusivity. You can have diverse spaces and still have colonialism..." I work for the viewpoint that we have to understand history and power structures and then work to create transformational change by dismantling colonial and imperial structures, and focus on collective liberation. 

  • Equality to Liberation. Equality means that means that we're all treated the same. Equity accounts for and embraces our differences and encourages us to find out of the box solutions. Justice focused work includes breaking down the systems in place that are creating inequity in the first place. Liberation focused work includes building up something to replace the status quo. 

  • Impact focused work. In international development/ global social impact space we are mission-driven — our end goal is not our happiness or profitability, but the change that we can drive in the world. As a result, my work is focused on maximizing impact in the field. Yes, this process usually leads to happier and more productive teams in our offices. But, for those of us working in the sector — these intermediate results are stepping-stones to the ultimate destination: increased impact in the field.

Read more about  my approach and how I work on these issues here.  








Read more about my approach here.


While this can seem overwhelming at first, I have learned that these concepts are really intuitive once we take the time to slow down and learn together. To help clients do just that, I offer:

  • Customized workshops on topics such as: inclusive leadership, decolonizing social impact, and maximizing impact through maximizing inclusion.

  • Women of Color Masterclass that helps women of color process what it has mean to work in current office settings (e.g. with microaggression and bias), and how to move forward by embracing authentic leadership styles.

  • Conducting culture and inclusion audits to help organizations and systems understand where they are, so they can plan for where they want to go. 

  • Liberating systems and other organizational development and business process re-engineering services to help your organization build more inclusive, equitable systems. 

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