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Systems Level Change

To achieve sustainable, long-term, sustainable change that brings us a step closer to liberation, we have to work at multiple levels at once. Without working at all these levels, the system will work hard to maintain the status quo and undo all our work.


As such, my approach and the services I offer reflect the systems level.

Approach and Services: Welcome
Approach and Services: Services


  • 1:1 Consulting / Coaching (-ish). Everyone needs an accountability and thought partner. I provide individual support to leaders and mid-career managers with a focus on aligning their values to their work. I'm not a certified coach and so have building my 1:1 on practice by centering liberatory approaches.

  • Workshops. I work with colleagues to offer a number of different workshops on topics ranging from liberatory aid (formerly decolonizing development) to leadership to womxn of color circle.



Hear directly from colleagues and collaborators on my work and read more on LinkedIn

Approach and Services: Testimonials

Farah's Decolonizing Development workshop pushes you to think beyond the basics. She leans into the nuances and difficult-to-digest aspects of what it means to decolonize and the type of unlearning it takes, beyond what might be obvious. In her workshop, Farah shares a lot of theoretical knowledge as well as how they apply more practically to our work. As a comms professional, I found the learnings from her workshop extremely helpful and necessary. I would recommend it to anyone in the development sector as well as donors and philanthropists — but especially to folks in communications, fundraising, operations, advocacy and programmatic teams.

Bhumika Regmi, Malala Fund

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