With 15 years of experience in the international development and global social impact industry, I have helped drive transformational and organizational change for a number of mission-driven clients. I’ve helped over a dozen small, medium and large non-profit and social enterprises write and implement strategic and growth plans; design and implement organizational change strategies; and delivered strategic and targeted training programs to support these changes.

Some of my services include:

Organizational Strategy Development. I work collaboratively with teams to understand their business, organizational and team needs; and to develop a strategy that actually gets used. This includes:

  • Business development and growth strategies

  • Diversity and inclusion strategies

  • Change management strategies

  • Learning, development and training strategies

  • TOT for Strategy Development (helping teams learn to facilitate the strategy development process.)

Business development and Growth Trainings. I deliver tailored, practical business development trainings based on over 10 years of winning bids in the USAID market. Some of my training offerings include:

  • Developing a win strategy

  • Technical writing training (for new and experienced writers)

  • Outlining and improving readability

  • Staffing strategy (includes personnel, management sections + winning resumes)

  • Leading proposal development

  • Integrating technical and cost proposal strategies

  • How to conduct impactful proposal reviews

  • Introduction to the USAID market

Tailored trainings for diverse set of clients

I use a hands-on, practical and action-focused approach and believe in leaving behind job aides and resources that can be put to you immediately. For example, see my job aide on how to remove gendered terms from job descriptions.